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Who We Are

Stephanie Davis Designs believes in empowering women by giving them the confidence to wear clothing they may not have felt they could pull off before. We want all women to feel the confidence they felt when they were kids; before society tried to tell them they were less than and weren’t cool or pretty or “insert adjective here” enough to dress the way they wanted to.

We feel so strongly about empowering women that we will donate a percentage of each order to local charities that support the mental health and wellbeing of our community like Dress for Success.

Here’s what to expect from Stephanie Davis Designs:

  •  Beautiful, long-wearing garments produced locally and in small batches to keep waste to a minimum. We take the time necessary to ensure that every piece is beautifully made, with exquisite finishing so that the wearer feels like she’s wrapped in a package that’s as special as she is. Learn about slow fashion and making your clothes last here.
  • An easy-to-reach Canadian designer who will talk to you herself about how to make a piece of clothing work perfectly for you (that means flattering style, colour and fit!)
  • Made to Order designs that give you ALL the control over how you want your item to look OR In-Stock items for fast and easy shopping

You are worth the workmanship we put into each piece!

Thank you so much for your hard work and for making my special day beautiful. I felt amazing in my dress - just LOVED it – and so did everyone else! Your work is pristine. You were born to design wedding dresses!! I really appreciate every single stitch!
- Cara

“I LOVE MY DRESS!!!!!!! You took an idea and turned it into reality – and it’s more beautiful, intricate, unique, special (and economical!) than anything I saw in ALL the (many) stores I went to – not to mention perfectly customized to me. You are a wizard. Can’t believe I’ll only get to wear it once!!!!”
- Carolyn Pinto Cellere

"I can't thank you enough for completely transforming my mum's dress. It was beautiful (and I could breathe all day!), and everyone loved it. It's now safe in a box for the next 30 years!"
- Dana DeMille

"Merci beaucoup d’avoir partagé tes talents avec moi pour la création de mon habit de mariage. Ce fut un réel plaisir de collaboration avec toi – même quand ça me prend trois heures à choisir un tissu. À un prochain projet, peut-être"
- Marie-Pierre

"I wish to express my most sincere & joyous gratitude to you for making the perfect dress for my wedding. I was delighted & the guests were stunned by it, all thanks to your hard work, imagination & endless desire to satisfy my desire for puffiness. Thank you – your enthusiasm and professionalism are an inspiration."
Best, - Sanita

"Thank you for my special dress! I know I wasn’t the easiest to deal with, but you made my dress dream come true. Actually it was even better than I imagined!! Ben and I cannot thank you enough."
- Love, Sylvia and Ben

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