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I’m Always Cold!

I tend to fluctuate between hot and cold all day, all year. If you’re like me, forget this post and try this one instead. If you’re someone who’s always freezing no matter the season and just longs for hot summer days, read on for tips to stay cozy year-round.

Fabric and fibre choice

First off, a quick distinction between fibres and fabrics. A fibre is what is used to create the fabric your garment is made of. Different fibres have different properties. Some are naturally warm, some are naturally more...

How To Avoid Ironing Like a Champ

Growing up, every time my Nana came to visit, she would spend what seemed like hours ironing the giant heap of clothes our family had in a bin. I guess ironing all the clothes we didn’t get around to made her feel useful. She said she liked it, but maybe she was lying. 

I do a lot of ironing for my job. All those seams need to be ironed after they’re sewn. That’s probably why I do my best to avoid any and all ironing beyond that! Plus, my semi industrial iron takes a while to heat up so it’s...

Snowsuit or Bikini?

If that question sounds ridiculous, but yet also kind of true for you, keep reading. If it just sounds silly, this post isn't for you... yet. Just do me a favour and remember it in a few years when menopause hits or you move to a different climate!

Are you hot and cold all day long? Is it a seasonal thing? Menopause? Or have you just always been hot and cold like me? Here are my top 3 things to look for when your internal thermostat is all over the place:


1) Layer, layer, layer


My parents taught...

Instagram: A Week in Review

Some of my clients have told me that they aren’t always on Instagram and fair enough! IG can be a real time suck. That said, it’s also a lot of fun and I don’t want you missing out on all that so my goal is to post an IG week in review every Sunday so that you know what to check my Instagram for if you didn’t catch it during the week.


This week’s posts to the feed:


Headbands to cover your roots, the colour yellow and lace plus my most important post of the week, “Every Child...

How to Dress Big Boobs

I’ll be honest and say this has never been my problem. I’ve always had a small chest… that is until I got pregnant with my first child. My just barely Bs turned into Ds and I had no idea what to do about it! The super deep V necks I always loved were great for breastfeeding, but they definitely had a totally different look now that my cleavage was spilling out of them! Those super low cut tops without...