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Some of my clients have told me that they aren’t always on Instagram and fair enough! IG can be a real time suck. That said, it’s also a lot of fun and I don’t want you missing out on all that so my goal is to post an IG week in review every Sunday so that you know what to check my Instagram for if you didn’t catch it during the week.


This week’s posts to the feed:


Headbands to cover your roots, the colour yellow and lace plus my most important post of the week, “Every Child Matters”


  • I’m donating 15% of all proceeds on already on sale items in rust dandelion print to Reconciliation Canada in honour of the 215 children found in a mass grave by the Kamloops Residential School and the many other children and families harmed by this horrible system. If you haven’t yet, please check out Rust Dandelion products.

Every child matters. SDD is donating 15% of all sales on rust dandelion print clothing sold to Reconciliation Canada

This week’s stories:


(Stories disappear after 24 hours, but I save some in the highlights section so I’ll indicate which stories you can still access later on.)




  • Bamboo jersey tie dye (overwhelmingly voted yes on this one)
  • Cami and shorts set colour picks (greens and purples won)
  • I showed you a new navy lace Peggy dress prototype (you loved it. Stay tuned for shots on an actual human)
  • I asked what movies you’d like to see me dress characters from using my collection. (Top votes so far: Back to the Future and Moulin Rouge but keep ‘em coming!)


My regular TV Fashion Friday Reel that I typically post on (you guessed it… Fridays  turned into a Saturday thing this week so I made it Screen Fashion Saturday and showed how I think Claire and Allison from The Breakfast Club would dress as adults. Check it out and tell me if you agree! You can always see these reels and the polls I did in stories about them in the Screen Style highlight or check the Reels tab to see these as well as behind the scenes videos.

The Breakfast Club: how I imagine Claire and Allison would dress as adults

So, check out my IG page for all that and more!

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