Style in your 40s

I just read an article about style in your 40s and it pissed me off.

Apparently, there are so many rules I should now be following since I hit a certain age  I guess at 39, short shorts were ok, but when I hit 40, it was all over.

Stephanie wears the Grace bodysuit in black Tencel cotton jersey with camo print bamboo French terry Lily shorts

I have to say that I am more comfortable with myself in my 40s than I was in my 30s and DEFINITELY more comfortable than in my 20s. I know who I am now. I know what I like and I know what looks good on me. Better yet, I could care less if you agree! But if I’m honest, I think that the confidence I feel when I go out wearing the outfit I love translates into my actually looking great - I bet most of you probably agree!

Now, I know not everyone in their 40s has the confidence that I have gained about fashion. Some of you are still feeling tentative about what you can “get away with.” Ask yourself why that is. Do you really love and feel amazing in bland colours? Are you happy when you look in the mirror and see a basic tee and khakis from a fast fashion chain? If you can honestly answer yes, then great. You do you! If not, read on.

I can tell you that I’m excited to choose an outfit in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not staring at myself in the mirror all day. I don’t have time for that! I’m a busy mom and I work a lot. But if I do walk by a mirror, I like what I see. And why is that? All of my clothes reflect who I am as a person. They say that I care about myself. They say that I am as important as the kids I care for. They say that I take a little time to look great. They say that I don’t mind standing out. I’m not aiming to blend in.

Now let me tell you the couple of tiny tidbits I actually liked in the article I read. You should definitely keep these in mind:

“Layer, layer, layer”

Women’s body temperature tends to fluctuate a fair bit after 40 so invest in some great layering pieces. I love layering a cool vest over a light jacket or sweater for a put together look that enables me lots of options when I feel a little hot or cool.

Left to right: Helluva vest over Meghan top, Faye Jacket in blush leatherette, Bonnie vest in taupe linen over camo Jill pants

“Only buy clothing that makes you feel fantastic.”

Now we’re talking! Choose clothes you love. You love plaid? Go for it? Short shorts? Tight pants? Why not? If you’re choosing these looks for you rather than for someone else and they make YOU feel great, that’s what matters. If you’re not sure that top makes you happy, Marie Kondo that thing! You don’t need to have a million cheap outfits you feel so-so about when you can have a smaller number of pieces that you absolutely love. That overflowing closet just makes it tough to find those awesome pieces you always feel great in.

“Fast fashion can look cute, but those super trendy styles and cheap fabrics won’t stand the test of time.  Instead, choose an edited rotation of investment pieces.”

Yessss. I urge you to shop “slow fashion” rather than fast. Slow fashion, locally and more ethically made clothing does cost a little more. It’s true! However, now that you’re in your 40s, you probably appreciate value for your money and slow fashion clothing should last. When a business is small, there’s a good chance the designers have actually met some of their clients. They work closely with their sewists - maybe they even sew some of their pieces themselves. Why does that matter? Because they care about each and every piece. They care that you love what you bought from them and they do what they can to make sure you’re happy.

Now you may be thinking: “where can I find these slow fashion businesses?” Well, a quick peek at Etsy will introduce you to many. Another way to track them down is by searching Instagram by hashtags that these businesses often use like #slowfashion, #shoplocal, #madeincanada, #canadiandesigner or #supportsmallbusiness. I know that I personally often tag other designers in my area so when you find me, you can often find others through me!

So enjoy the age you’re at. Not only is it not the end of fashion, in my opinion, it’s only the beginning!

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