How to Dress Big Boobs

How to dress big boobs

I’ll be honest and say this has never been my problem. I’ve always had a small chest… that is until I got pregnant with my first child. My just barely Bs turned into Ds and I had no idea what to do about it! The super deep V necks I always loved were great for…

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Motherhood & Fashion

Motherhood & Fashion by Stephanie Davis. Image of the designer in off-shoulder Grace Kelly bodysuit sitting on sidewalk

This week, I joined Rebecca Rowe on her Instagram Live to talk about designing luxury clothing for moms. Here’s what we talked about (including some questions from moms) with a little more thrown in because mom brain is real and you know I forgot some stuff I wanted to say lol   Q. Did you…

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Transitional Pieces

Transitional pieces. Image shows Stephanie wearing off-the-shoulder Grace Kelly bodysuit and camo print Judy shorts

What’s a transition piece? In fashion, a transition piece is one that is interchangeable across more than one season. A good transition piece should tie in elements from both seasons and help you continue wearing the clothes you already have without spending money on a whole bunch of new pieces. I mainly design multi-season pieces…

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Making Your Clothes Last

The fast fashion industry thrives on you not taking care of your clothes. Clothing is made cheaply so that you can buy many pieces for very little money and you won’t mind when they fall apart in the wash. The point is to wear that cute top a few times, toss it and start again.…

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Crop Tops : Yes You Can!

I know, I know. The crop tops of the early 2000s looked super cute on flat-tummied Britney Spears types with their low rise jeans and maybe that’s still what comes to mind when I mention crop tops. If so, you may think that’s not a look you can (or want to) pull off. Well, the…

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