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About the Brand

Stephanie Davis created her brand to give cool women and cool moms like her fashion that fits and feels luxurious. These clothes help women make a great first impression giving them the confidence to tackle whatever life throws their way.

 How Shopping with SDD works

Everyone wants to look and feel great in their clothing. Here’s the thing though, all humans are made differently. Even if a pattern is made really well, it’s made to fit as many people as possible. It’s not made to fit YOU specifically and that’s where Stephanie Davis comes in. The Stephanie Davis Designs Shopify site doesn’t always show a large selection of sizes for each item and there’s a really good reason for that. Often, only one or two of each item will be produced just for the model being photographed. The product is listed as an MTO Sample (Made to Order.) If you happen to be the model’s size, you can buy it off the rack (don’t worry, we use a variety of models in different sizes so that they aren’t all one size!) If a size isn’t listed, click the link to bring you to the MTO page and place an order for exactly what you want. You can tailor it to your specifications (split sizing - ex. different bust vs waist size, or longer/shorter length.) Stephanie loves to help women figure out how to make something fit really well. It reminds her of her costume-making days. (DM her. Really! She’s pretty approachable!)

A Little More about Stephanie

Stephanie Davis loves to read YA novels, once worked for the Grands Ballets Canadiens and decided to be a “cool mom” in her 40s. Here’s why you will always feel fabulous when you wear clothes with a Stephanie Davis Designs label:

  1. She’s an excellent seamstress. You’ll love that because you want clothes that are impeccably made and won’t fall apart. If Stephanie didn’t personally stitch an item herself, you’d better believe she checked it personally to make sure it met her high standards!
  2. She loves playing dress up (just ask all the Barbies she made clothes for in the 80s.) Seriously though, need an outfit for a special occasion? Whether she’s dressing you in a custom wedding gown, a killer outfit for your high school reunion (eat your heart out, class of ‘95!) or a look that means business for that important meeting, Steph’s your girl and she’s happy to chat about your styling concerns.

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